That’s So Not Going To Happen

No tolerance, acceptance II

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“You’ll repartner.” (Yuk – what a word.) “You’ll meet someone else.” “It just didn’t work out with you and your Ex.”

Tritesville, USA!

It’s a good job I’ve committed to the path of celibacy ‘cos otherwise I’d be even more pained. But not pursuing does not mean it doesn’t hurt or get lonely sometimes.

This time in my life is so reminiscent of my teens. I was always the “great girl”, the “mate”, “terrific”, and then later, “sexy/exotic” (I must have blossomed late). Always the bridesmaid…

Ex was different. He was the first man, I think, who saw me as a whole package, and a great one at that. He made me feel  like I was actually pretty not just interesting looking (like, what, weird!?). Just… special. He certainly wasn’t on a charm offensive. He veers towards tactlessness rather than charm!  But, yes, I suppose I felt accepted. Acceptance is a big deal for me. My most significant friendships are with those who accept me.

This is one reason why getting over a separation/divorce/split from a spouse can take such a long time. You do get over the person, you really do, but it takes longer to get over the issues that the split brings to the surface.  


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2 thoughts on “That’s So Not Going To Happen

  1. justagirl69

    I miss that about my ex as well… the unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance. I think it made me love and accept myself a lot more, and I sort of lost that when we broke up.

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