I Flirted With Another Church. Nah, Prefer My Own.

Congregational Church (1834 / 1888) - window d...

Congregational Church (1834 / 1888) – window detail (Photo credit: origamidon)

I went to this thing called XXXX Church here in my birthplace town this morning. .  Very rock and roll. Lots of lights, American speaker. Welcoming, blokes like male models ushering you in but… felt a bit lightweight to me. They got the collecting buckets out pronto too! Think they are doing a good job in the community and also helping to build people’s self-esteem through Jesus, but it’s not for me. Feel My Church is more scripturally-based, more intellectual while being accessible. More solid. Looks like I am wedded to My Church then!

My pastor said: “I know the guys there. They are good guys. Maybe a different model/flavour emphasis. Your analysis is very encouraging. I want us to be what you describe that we are.”

My friend said: “I went one night with the youth group. A little different but then it is a different area, doing some great work with their youth, I found it very encouraging.”  

So I drove back to my town, where I live, and went straight to my church. (I am now exhausted).

I said: “I see its [XXXX Church’s] worth on reflection. There is much brokenness in my birthplace town and XXXX Church is addressing that. I drove back and found myself coming straight to My Church. As I rounded the corner I heard the heavenly singing from our church and it felt pretty amazing – like coming ‘home’.. this little building near the railway, the people, the sincerity. IDK, hard to explain. But it’s all good.”

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