A Pastor or Three

Volunteer Ministers

Volunteer Ministers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I have reblogged and quoted stuff Pastor 3 says or writes this does not mean that I think any less of the other two pastors. No indeed! Pastor 3 is a man of electronic communication so it is easy to connect that way. Pastor 1, the church‘s lead pastor, is not a social media person, but he is a very fine leader, and Pastor 2 is, I would say, a people person.

A church chum said we would not have the divorce group if Pastor 1 had not come along. Although traditional in many ways – and probably a Conservative voter (I am not) – he is also innovative. His   manner is both firm and gentle. He is also high up in the national church.

Pastor 1 will be embarking on a new volunteer project within Church Town, involving the large GP surgery, and I hope/have been asked to be involved in this in a small way. I will blog about it when it happens.

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