“Are You Happier….?”


….Now you’ve found Jesus?” This was what a man from the church asked me recently.

I would not say I’ve exactly ‘found Jesus’. I don’t really like those phrases. I mean, I’ve always known about Jesus but I am now getting to know more about his life, work and what he means to Christians, what his death meant. And I can’t say I’ve been ‘saved’ either. Nah, I’m plodding on, reading, researching, singing, praying, going to church, getting involved, and loving it.

But happier? No-one promised happiness. Certainly not God. Life is filled with suffering. As Pastor 3 said, “It’s not going to be easy. But God offers buffers against suffering.” I’d like to think those buffers include other people. Good people, that is. Not complete twonks (translation: idiots).

I would say I feel more supported. And intrigued.

English: Jesus Christ, polychromed and gilded ...

English: Jesus Christ, polychromed and gilded woodcarved relief by Martin Vinazer (* 1674 in St. Ulrich in Gröden; † 1744) signed MVF (MV Fecit) Deutsch: Gefasstes Holzrelief des Martin Vinatzer gezeichnet MVF (MV Fecit) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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4 thoughts on ““Are You Happier….?”

  1. Every time someone asks if I’ve found Jesus, I think of this cartoon:

    But yes, sometimes the Christian life is pain. Jesus himself said that we would suffer and be persecuted for his sake. Anybody who thinks being a Christian is about being happy and healthy and prosperous — or worse, thinks if you’re not happy and healthy and prosperous, you’re doing something wrong — is reading their Bible very selectively.

    • “Anybody who thinks being a Christian is about being happy and healthy and prosperous” – Yes, Joseph!

      It’s not a self-help/get happy/rich quick course, being a Christian. The Bible and Christian teachings can help us to become, or aim to become ‘whole’ or healthier but that’s not the crux of being a Christian, so it would seem to me – a new, exploring faith person.

      I think I have written about this on my Not Using God as a Crutch page . But still thinking things through. Getting new insights as the weeks roll on…

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