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Franciscan Allegories: Allegory of Obedience

Franciscan Allegories: Allegory of Obedience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The subject was discipleship, and linked to that, obedience.

Quotes:  “Maturity is what you do with what you know.”

Us: “God, why did you not guide me?” God: “Well, I did, you just did not do what I asked you to do.”

Motivators for obedience include the ‘not good’ ones: 

  1. Pastor said so. “I must obey” (robot voice.)
  2. Guilt. I really should try to be a good person. I can’t stand X but if I am a good Christian I should be nice to them. Cue gritted teeth.
  3. Self-satisfaction. I’m such a great person ‘cos I go to prayer meetings. The pastor saw me at that church do so I’ll earn some points.
  4. Fear. If I don’t obey I’ll be punished/bad stuff will happen to me/ I’m too scared to not obey.
  5. The last reason is the reason to obey: ‘Cos Jesus himself obeyed when he really did not want to. The command from God was to die on the cross. He faltered. But he focused and submitted to his father’s will and thus fulfilled the ‘mission’.
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