Worship Songs as Therapy?

Martin Smith - Delirious

Martin Smith – Delirious (Photo credit: ~ Joëlle)

Am in a dark place at the moment due to various things but at least my mum is up here for a week and that’s good.

Church friend, NL, was telling me that she finds listening to worship songs cathartic. I said, “Yeah, but they make me cry sometimes.” She said: “That can be a good thing.”  I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a go. After all, Buddhists listen to chants and so on so listening to worship songs could be meditative and cathartic for me.

I have just received the CD Deeper – the d:finitive worship experience by Delirious? from 1994. (Yes, I am still two decades behind everyone else!) They do sound like the poor man’s U2 at times but I do really like this band. I’ll see how I get on with the new CD and if it releases any emotions/tears or conversely, feelings of joy. Appears to be an upbeat album.

Buying these 90’s albums online is not an expensive route so I might as well give this approach a go. I’ll report back on any top tracks I discover.

Martin Smith 2

Martin Smith 2 (Photo credit: Chase Patterson)

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