Male Friend on Same Wavelength

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Had a good phone chat with a male friend from church last night. He is more knowledgeable than I am regarding religious matters but he’s seemed to be on a similar wavelength throughout. He has been my point of sanity for when I hear something in church from some other members that I find just too ‘out there’ or does not tie in with my beliefs. I can turn to this friend to discuss it.

Another pal, female, came round on Saturday. She said that our church is actually quite fundamental in its beliefs but more liberal in its pastoral care. This is what I have found. I sometimes think this church is not 100% for me but I know that the people and the way the church runs is for me. With so many members and service attendees there is plenty of scope to find diverse opinions and people who one chimes with – and those you don’t gel with.

My challenge now is to balance my church activities with my non-church activities. When a church feels like a family it is easy and tempting to devote all your spare time to it and the people there but we function in a wider society so it is crucial, IMHO, to engage with that society and keep up with your other friends and activities too.


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