VIP for the First Time


Church-of-the-Holy-Spirit-Jihlava2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to VIP last night. I can’t remember what the V.I.P. initials stand for but it was at the church. Some singing, a prayer then a seminar led by the lead pastor. The subject was The Holy Spirit.

Thursday night, and the little church (it is tiny) was packed out –  60 or so people there. Some churches can’t garner that number for a main Sunday Service.

I have come to realise that each church ‘event or group attracts a different vibe and different sorts of people.

Morning Service: 200+ people. A total of 348 last Sunday, apparently. The most welcoming service with chance to chat and have a brew (coffee/tea for you non-UK folk). Takes place in the local High School.

Evening Service: 50 or so people. In the church. Less formal. Trains go by!

Life Group: A real mix of people. Four of us are from the Divorce Group.

The there are other meetings that I have not been to. For example, there is a prayer power hour at 8.30am every Saturday. The Men’s Breakfast seems popular too as does the Ladies’ Brunch. You could go to something every day at our church if you had the time the energy and financial freedom to do so!


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