A Single Advantage

Single Red Apple on Grey Stone

Single Red Apple (Photo credit: Robo Android)

I made a list of advantages to being single the other night (and another list of the disadvantages). I came up with 20 advantages.

However, by far the best was this one:

Ability to find out who you are and what you like, dislike, believe, etc.

Not saying I was a jellyhead beforehand but my ex is, by his own admission, a very opinionated person who can argue brilliantly (well, it seemed like that to me). I think I lived almost in the shadow of his opinions.  He was vociferous – that’s the word.

When you are with a vociferous partner people can assume that you think exactly as he/she does on everything – e.g., on politics. Not so. If one was previously ‘enmeshed’ with A.N. Other, it’s only when we separate out that we can begin to examine what we really do think and sort out our opinions – opinions that may have got lost or been diminished over the decades.

There are disadvantages to being single too. But that’s for another post!

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