The Journey Continues

Image from the Book of Kells, a 1200 year old ...

Image from the Book of Kells.

Had the most hideous time in a nearby town today trying to get something administrative sorted out but the upside was that I borrowed the book Love Wins by Rob Bell from the library. Just started reading it and it promises to be a winner. I know some people find Bell too ‘poppy’ and hip dude-like but that appeals to me. I could not get on with CS LewisThe Problem of Pain – found it too waffly. I will go back to it when my head is clearer but I need my writers to be clear. I trained as a journalist so that’s my level I’m afraid. Even at uni the lecturers said my essays were too journalistic rather than academic. Hey ho! But I can answers an unholy number of questions on University Challenge so I ‘ain’t thick! 

Am listening to Palestrina as I write this at quarter past midnight. Sublime.

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