Life Group MOT Went Well

She Left Me on Friday

She Left Me on Friday (Pic credit: Wikipedia)

The meeting went on much longer than usual but it seemed to be needed. One LG member suggested we also have more social evenings like going out to eat, going bowling and so on. This would be welcome.

It’s Friday night here and I pretty much always get Friday Evening Blues. This is almost certainly due to the separation.  I used to have that: “The weekend’s here, time to spend with hubby!” (even though in reality he worked a lot of weekends.)  Now, despite friends and activities, I kind of think, ‘Oh, yeah… weekend.’ It is all too easy to assume that every other person is having the Thank Flip It’s Friday feeling. But they aren’t.

At the end of each Life Group session we can request prayers for things that occurring in our lives and I requested prayer for this friend situation that seems to be going from bad to worse. I don’t think there is any way back now. I’m loathe to contact her because one can only take being rebuffed so many times. What IS the right thing to do? I just do not know. Am totally flummoxed.

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