Digging the Christian Music!

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay

Well, I never thought I would write that.
I’m still obsessed with Inside Outside by Delirious? but also bought the eponymous album by Jars of Clay from 1995 which is ACE! It’s a little ‘earnest, young man’ for me but it is so melodic. The track ‘Boy on a String’ is very strong but the highlight is ‘Flood‘ – anthemic, melodic. This is a great track to listen to when you feel wretched and want to pray but can’t: Jars of Clay sort of do it for you. Give it a listen on Spotify or elsewhere.

There is such a variety of Christian music out here. I am shocked! I had no idea. Quite a lot of rap and rock. Just been listening to Manafest on Spotify. Perhaps a bit young for me but I do like some of it.

What’s good about listening to contemporary Christian Music (CCM) for a novice like me?

  • helps focus your brain on the divine
  • makes you focus on the positives… not happy clappy but things other than ho’s and beeeatches, if you know what I mean
  • introduces you to artists you previously knew nothing about
  • helps if you want to pray but don’t know how to or what to say
  • cos it sounds good.

Of course, some of it is inexorable but that’s true of all genres.

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2 thoughts on “Digging the Christian Music!

  1. That first Jars of Clay album is the only one of theirs I have, from my days growing up in the youth group, and I love it a lot. I reckon they’ve released a lot since then, but I was out of CCM for a good ten years or so and haven’t really checked up on them past that.

    • I was surprised to read that they are still together. That’s a long lifespan for a band. Yes, it is a great album. I think as spiritual music goes you can’t beat the Early Music (for me, anyway)n and also spirituals like Steal Away but it’s interesting exploring this new genre…

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