Made It To Life Group After 7 Weeks Away


My ‘house arrest‘ is over so I gingerly made my way to Church Town and Life Group for the first time in seven weeks. It was great to be back, though a little strange to actually be with these people in person rather than emailing my responses to the LG topics. I settled in quite quickly though, complete with footstool and biscuits.

Tonight we prayed for a variety of situations including a double murder – a child and his mother – in a quiet village near to us. The man held on suspicion of murder tried to stab himself too. I just hope there isn’t some sort of vigilante fervour going on in the village. Clearly the man is not in his right mind.

The fact that a family can get to a place where this can happen shows how important it is for us to be supported by community. This is where the church can come in.

English: Important Part of Community Life

English: Important Part of Community Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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