“Our” Joseph – Life Group Notes for This Week.


Joseph: “A Fruitful Life” – Our Joseph – Genesis 47:13-31

REFLECTION: remembering the main points

English: Joseph and His Brethren Welcomed by P...

 Joseph and His Brethren Welcomed by Pharaoh, watercolor by James Tissot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God sent Joseph ahead of the people to be their Saviour, therefore, how the people related to Joseph became crucially important.  Joseph became:

  • Egypt’s Help (He Purchased them)
  • Israel’s Hope (He was their Provision in life and Jacob’s Promise in death)

DISCUSSION: helpful questions

  • Why is how we relate to our Joseph (Jesus) of critical importance?
  • Why can it be offensive to some, to say that Jesus is the only Saviour/ way to God?
  • What gives us confidence that Jesus is who he claimed to be?
  • Taking into consideration the account of the Egyptians coming to Joseph (v13-26), why do you think our Joseph needs to purchase us in order to truly help us?
  • Notice the contrast between verse 13 and 27, why could the Israelites experience such blessing in the midst of famine? Can we experience the same? What does this look like?
  • What is inspiring about Jacob’s perspective in the face of death (v 28-31)?
  • What does our Joseph promise his followers in death?
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