Cool Music – More Recommendations Come Pouring In


From one of the pastors… “some good stuff I like”:

shai linne
dylan – saved | slow train coming
sixpence none the richer
rich mullins (read more on the geezer)
julie miller (weird but cool)
the choir
david crowder band – a beautiful collision
charlie peacock
phil keaggy
bruce cockburn
keith green
larry norman
Lost Dogs – “Little Red Riding Hood”
Iona – Book of Kells + anything else”

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2 thoughts on “Cool Music – More Recommendations Come Pouring In

  1. Rich Mullins is the man, and David Crowder Band is the stuff. I was also a huge fan of Sixpence None the Richer back in the day.

    Some others I recommend — especially since you have Spotify:

    Audrey Assad
    Matt Maher
    Bethany Dillon

    That’s about it my “popular” CCM bucket, I think. Though I’ve never really been able to keep up with popular culture. Audrey and Matt are both Catholic but mainstream; I’ve discovered a few other lovely Catholics who make glorious music.

    Feel free to check out my Spotify profile. I have a ton of playlists, mostly for classical stuff, but CCM, too.

    • Thanks for this…and the link to your Spotify profile which I am now following. You have some lovely stuff there. Love Allegri’s Misere
      I like Spotify for checking out new stuff but I don’t like listening to things on the computer so when I determine what I really like I buy it on CD – so I can actually get off the wretched computer sometimes! ; )

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