Freedom Through Christianty! Who’d have Thought.

William Byrd

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It’s an odd thing but being a person exploring Christianity has given me a sense of freedom that I did not expect. I can’t quite explain it but  I think the guidelines on how to live that you find in books like Sex God, King’s Cross and so on and all the talks I’ve attended (sermons, to be more precise) have allowed me to be more ‘me’.

I have let my brain be on display again (more later) and I’m rediscovering music I had put aside and listening to things like William Byrd and spirituals which I used to sing with the choir as a teen. Maybe through being involved with the music scene locally I had inadvertently suppressed a lot of my past. I wonder if I did not want the dropkick men I was associated with (not really involved with them but there was a psuedo-boyfriend situation going on with one) to see that part of me, the part that had studied Latin, and sang in the choir and went on holidays where brass rubbing was involved!

As I type this I am listening to Mass for Four Voices by William Byrd on Spotify, which shows up one one’s Facebook newsfeed and I don’t give a hoot who knows.

When you go to Life Group or similar you are allowed to talk intelligently. On the music scene there’s a lot of thick talk going on! I know – judgemental! Sorry.

There are other ways, bigger ways, in which being a Christian is freeing. I may write about them too – later.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Through Christianty! Who’d have Thought.

  1. That’s a great thing to hear. I don’t know Gesualdo but Byrd and Tallis, yes. I feel that some works of art/music are so awesome that they do indeed bring about…. awe… the divine ….and that leads one to to think, ‘Mmm, think there might be something in this God lark…’

  2. Discovering early music — especially the words of Gesualdo, Byrd, Tallis, many others, and on, it was for me — was the catalyst that brought about my spiritual revival. 🙂

    I think my Facebook friends long ago abandoned me to being “that Christian guy” or perhaps “that freak.” Nothing I listen to should surprise them.

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