Handling Difficult Emotions

English: "The Judas Kiss", (Mark 14:...

“The Judas Kiss”, (Mark 14:45) by Gustave Doré. Judas kisses Jesus in order to betray him to the guards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am struggling immensely with feelings of anger and bitterness due to betrayal and being let down by two people in my life (past and present). I have talked some of the issues over with three other friends – two of whom follow this blog by email (you can do this too – it’s anonymous).

These are horrible feelings that eat you up. I have tried praying on it but it’s no good. I think I will have to go elsewhere and vent/write it out.

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One thought on “Handling Difficult Emotions

  1. Hello… When tough times hit I ask the question: “What’s one good thing about this situation?” Sometimes the response is… you get to write passionately about it to help another or… sometimes the answers are far from reach… just can’t find the answer. At those time I say to myself: “I trust this process! Not sure what the lesson is but eventually the answers become crystal clear. ” Tony Robbins mentions…Ask what’s one thing that could be funny about this? Another thing I default to is … move my body… a walk, a run, swim… just “Shake it off” as Joel Olsteen says. You are blessing… Know that.Have a beautiful day:)

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