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Inside Outside (Delirious? song)

Inside Outside (Delirious? song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


More visitors this week. My Christian mentor has lent me zillions of DVDs, CDs, books etc, all on a Christian theme. Some I like, some I’m not so sure about. Let’s say I still don’t really take to Scottish rabble-rouser, Nancy Goudie and her Oases of….Whatever, though I can appreciate why others might like her. I have enjoyed listening the band Delirious? and a track called ‘Inside Outside‘. I’d never heard of them before. You’ve got to a remember this kid is more used to rap, Hip Hop, Glam Rock and punk…


A lovely male friend came bearing super gifts: a huge Easter egg, (praise be, indeed!) Scooby-Doo bookmarks, (you can’t beat that!) quality card and the C S Lewis‘ book The Problem of Pain. I just started reading that last night and I think it will  be a great one.


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