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I’ve been wrestling with a friend issue these last weeks. It’s gutted me. I feel there has been a problem over the last eight months but it has come to a head now. I was turning it over and over in my head: what to do? Was there any guidance in scripture? Should I ask my Life Group buddies for help?

I thought about writing to my friend to set out what I feel has gone wrong. But then I realised that this is not the right time for this friend. I had to put aside my need for expression and answers and think about their needs. (Believe me, this was not my way in the past.) I gave it up to God, with Plan A (i.e., me tackling the issue) as an option for the future.

Then my friend contacted me, friendly as you like, just as I had given up all hope.  Friend possibly has NO idea how I feel or why I am so upset or that I think our relationship has deteriorated. Just as in a romantic relationship I have charted this deterioration. I am still at that stage where I feel my reactions (snappiness, anger) have come about as a REACTION to my friend’s behaviour. The friend probably sees me as a grumpy, spoilt, oversensitive idiot.

I truly don’t want to lose this friendship, which I had thought was very deep. I believed we would be friends forever. But I can’t go on like this either. So I shall leave it with God and see how he might work with this ‘dynamic’.

Another friend said: “If in doubt, do nothing.” I think giving it up to God is an active thing rather than a passive one. What do YOU think? How do you give it up to God?

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