A Fruitful Life

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Here are the study notes for this week’s Life Group. I will be absent again but will have a bash at some of these questions, though I have left it a little late this week…

Joseph: “A Fruitful Life” – Family Man – Genesis 45

REFLECTION: remembering the main points

DISCUSSION: helpful questions

  • What is the greatest challenge in your family life today?
  • How do you react to the challenges in your family life?
  • What surprises | encourages you in this passage?
  • If you would have been Joseph – how would you have reacted?
  • Are you an affectionate person? Why| why not?
  • What was the root cause of Joseph’s surprising affection?
  • How did Joseph’s theology affect his family? How can you theology affect your family?
  • Jesus is the better Joseph – we need to move from imitation to invitation’. Discuss.

APPLICATION: ideas that work

Think of 5 things you can do as a small group to foster an environment of greater support for family pressures. Then spend some time praying that the Holy Spirit will make your group a place of genuine practical loving care.


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