Turnaround After ‘Giving It Up to God’


Christians always recommend “giving it up to God” – that is, problems or situations to God – so I did, that, as you will have seen from my post, Take a Deep Breath. Surprisingly, solutions came almost at once… I also prayed, in a very chatty and somewhat hacked off way, about the things that were upsetting me. Here is what happened:

A friend emailed me late last night to ask if she could help me in any way and I said yes; my Ex came and did a practical job for me and a guy from church text me out of the blue to say he was in my area and could he come and help out? (“Yes!”) And my BFF rang me from New Zealand. The church friend stayed for quite some time and it was great to talk at a more leisurely pace and more deeply rather than just snatched conversations after services and so on. 

Maybe the peace that Christians experience is largely down to knowing they can give it up to God and stop fretting over a situation. 

New Zealand

New Zealand (Photo credit: mdid)

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