A Question of Trust

English: Toy shop Langleys toy shop one of the...

English: Toy shop Langleys toy shop one of the many shops in the Royal Arcade Norwich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These last few years I’ve been troubled by trust.

I am often too trusting, too willing to think that situations that might actually be quite risky will be okay, that when people say things or make promises, that they mean what they say.

However, I have learned that this is not the case. I learned this the hard way: through the breakdown of my marriage (I thought we would be together forever as we had been together so long.  NAIVE!) and through dating, later on, and through friendships, where I’ve felt let down.

I don’t want to end up bitter and hard-hearted but I do seem to have been let down quite a lot, especially by men. One of the worst was 2012’s offering – a man I shall call Short Trousers. I can’t believe I gave this person the time of day. Fortunately we never really got together but I did expend a lot of energy on this dropkick. His lack of a backbone taught me a lot.

What I have found re ”men and me” since my separation is that I seem to be the sort of woman they like, are attracted to, but then they prevaricate. It’s like they’re in a toy shop but too scared to make the purchase. I just have not got time for this.

My advice to anyone in this situation also: Don’t listen to the words; watch the actions. Many men (and women) can talk the talk but the walking bit? They simply can’t do it. YOU walk away. Fast.

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