Not a Makeover


Discipleship is not a human self-improvement programme. It’s a divine makeover, which we’re invited to join in.”

Here is another great quote from one of the pastors regarding discipleship. He would explain it way better than me but I think he is saying is that being a Christian is not another tool to use to make me/us feel better. It is about focusing on God, not self.

However, I would add that following Christian teachings would tend to make you feel better, increase self-esteem and self-respect. But I think the purpose of this is so that disciples can function better, serve others and serve God better. The purpose of the Christian journey is to submit to God‘s will and trust in him. Like I’ve said elsewhere, that is mighty hard, especially if you are on the control freak spectrum like I am – or can be!

As an aside, anecdotal evidence reveals that the long-term health condition I have is more prevalent among Christians than non-Christians. I have often pondered why this might be. I’ll share my thoughts on this in a later post ‘

Divine lights

Divine lights (Photo credit: | kenneth | mostly away from flickr)

cos it is quite a big subject area.

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