The Vows of Silence


I am currently reading The Vows of Silence by Susan Hill. Yes, the Susan Hill of The Woman in Black fame. What a story THAT is! Not sure about this later novel though. It is part of her Simon Serrailier detective series.

Hill is a Christian and most of her writings are imbued with her faith. The Vows of Silence has many Christian themes and references but the whole seems confused, broken up, sporadic. It is also dark and depressing encompassing not just murder but death in all its forms.

She does show different facets of how people engage with God and Christianity though –  in the likeable character of former nun Jane Fitzroy (is she the potential romantic interest for Serrailier?) and in the fanaticism of the character of teenager Tom Creedy. All in all, I would say this is a ‘confused’ book. I’ll see how I feel once I have finished it.

Cover of "The Vows of Silence"

Cover of The Vows of Silence

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