I’ve (Not) Got a Crush on You, Sweetie Pie…


Many single men appear to be looking for relationships with younger women.  I feel a little sad that even some church men can fall into this stereotypical behaviour.

I know for sure that I am and have so much more to offer as a potential partner at 48 than I did at 30, or even 40.

I did date a bit after hubby and I separated but I can honestly say that these last few months I have had no crushes on any men and I am not pursuing anyone. In fact I doubt I will ever actively pursue a man again. If a man wants me then he needs to really want me, to get to know me and to value me – faults and all. I know my worth now.

That’s not to say that I am blind to men and their hotness but friendship is the only way to go from now on. If something was to develop from that then great. Younger, older or the same age as me. I am open-minded. Some younger men can be far more emotionally mature than those in their 40s. I know one such 42-year-old who really should still be in short trousers.  

I’ve done it the other way round – pursued – and it never works out. Even with my H… I was the one who pressed for marriage back then (which I firmly believe in as an institution). How could I ever be sure despite all those years together?

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