Small Groups Notes – A Divine Intervention

Divine intervention (II)

Divine intervention (II) (Photo credit: hebedesign)

Subject matter: Joseph: “A Fruitful Life” – A Divine Intervention: Genesis 41:1-16; 25-43

As I can not attend Life Group for a while I am going to try and do the work by myself using the virtual resources provided by My Church. 

Here are some of the questions:

When did God Intervene? When Joseph ran out of ideas | When Pharaoh ran out of advisors

• How did God Intervene? Through disturbing Pharaoh’s sleep | Through inspiring Joseph’s response

• Why did God intervene? To reach Pharaoh| To vindicate Joseph | To feed hungry people

  • MANIPULATION: Do you agree with R T Kendall that Joseph’s request of the Cup Bearer to mention him to Pharaoh amounted to manipulation?
  • Share areas where you believe we or others need a Divine Intervention. Ask God to reveal how He is & will intervene

INTERCESSION: praying things through

Please pray for those who are bereaved or alone in the church family and in our communities. Pray for a fresh revelation of God’s presence in their lives

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