Quick Step


I seem to be getting more likes, more quickly for this blog than for other blogs or blog-type writings I have done. I wonder why that is? Not that I have amassed great amounts of comment or numbers of followers but interest has been relatively swift in take-off. Maybe there are more people out there who are interested in the sacred and spiritual elements of life than I thought. People (my ‘auntie’ for one) say the internet is all about sex. Clearly, this is not the case!

I keep posts fairly succinct and also visual as I realise people have many  interests and love to peruse the net but do not have the time nor the inclination to read long chunks of text. Using Zemanta helps too as it livens up the text and creates links to other bloggers etc.

A friend asked me why I was using WordPress as the platform for this blog whereas previously I had used Blogger. Well, WordPress looks more professional somehow, cleaner, and a greater number of serious bloggers use it and read it. That is what I have been told and this seems to be the case.

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