The Book of Eli

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Denzel Washington and Anne Hathaway at The Nobel Peace Price Concert 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just watched The Book of Eli for the first time on TV. A strange film. Mad Max meets Ben Hur meets The Road.  I did guess that, by the end, the book was within Eli – that he no longer needed a physical copy of The Bible. It had some interesting things to say about faith and the battle between good and evil was well played out by Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. Is Eli the messiah? The second coming?  In a way he is, for he is a conduit for God. Through him the book, the Word, is released into the world and its purpose, in the right hands, is for good. Once he has fulfilled his task he must die. (And note how his travel companion is a prostitute, a Mary Magdalene character, with whom he does not have a romantic relationship).

As a film in itself the constant sepia tone the directors used was over-stylised and the film’s tone and pace were ponderous to say the least.

The film had mixed reviews when it was released in 2010. I include a link to a review, above.

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