Laurie Penney Writes a Letter to a Disabled Reader, New Statesman.

"Attack-Attack-Attack" - NARA - 513888

“Attack-Attack-Attack” – NARA – 513888 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a brilliant letter (click on the link) and sums up how I feel. This government hates the disabled. Hates them/us. I truly believe this. We are detritus as far as they are concerned. People joke about them being Nazis but they are – they just cloak their hatred. Anyone who does not believe that there is a war going on between the haves, the privileged, and the dispossessed  is deluded. It’s always been like this but recent years have made it clear: the war on welfare, the banking scandals, MP‘s expenses scandals. And nothing changes.

I can’t bear people who buy into this ‘everyone’s a scrounger’ mentality. I think, yeah, wait until YOU are in need. You might end up with an ICI – invisible chronic illness – not something obvious to the passerby. Maybe that day will never come but it might. You just never know what is going to happen. Not everyone has the luck to have a great family behind them (I am lucky, I do have support and have had more in the past) – or to have had a good start in life.  You might get one big surprise when you lose the respect of ‘society’ cos you can’t work down the proverbial coal mine.

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