Secular Pop Songs That Talk of God

Jesus Walks

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Like I said, I write about pop culture and music is my big love. I’ve been listening to some of my favourite artists with a new ear . This may seem a little ‘throwaway’ to the more serious among you but here are some of my favourite secular songs that are about a Christian God.  I may write about the lyrical content further down the line but here goes:

  • Never Let Me DownKanye West. What a fab song this is – it chokes me up. I’ll write down some choice phrases from this song in a future post. 
  • Jesus Walks – Kanye West.  Criticised by some Christians ‘cos KW has since played down some of the things he says in this amazingly powerful, thunderous track. Some evangelists used it to try and reach out to young people. Good on ’em, I say.
  • I Believe I Can Fly – R Kelly. The king of r ‘n’ b meets gospel meets soul. Love this man’s stuff, though this track is not one of my hottest.
  • Religious Love – R Kelz again. A song about standing for your marriage.
  • Somebody Up There Likes MeDavid Bowie. Sublime. From the Young Americans album.
  • Bright Side of the Road _ Van Morrison
  • Full Force Gale – Van Morrison again.
  • No Religion – Van Morrison. 
  • In the Garden – Van. SO MANY Van songs.
  • You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson, written by R Kelz. Ostensibly about a man and a woman but like many of Jackson’s songs can be taken on two levels. The ‘not being aloneness’ seems to be God-related. 
  • Heaven, I Need a Hug – R Kelly again. My number one Kelz song. 
  • Will You Be There? – Michael Jackson. A gospel hymn stemming from doubt, loneliness and despair. The prayer at the end is a little saccharine for my tastes but it’s powerful. 
  • Speechless – Michael Jackson. A song inspired by his kids but, again, works on two levels. Sounds like a hymn to God as far as I am concerned.
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